What hypnosis is not

So, as you’re learning from iconversationalhypnosis.com conversational hypnotists, the very first thing you must learn is what is hypnosis is, and what it is not. Now, I’m going to address that second part first – in other words, what hypnosis is not – because you really must clear up any misconceptions of what it is you are trying to achieve right at the outset.

How To Hypnotize Someone Using Conversational Hypnosis

The next element to master the foundations of conversational hypnosis, believe it or not, is the ‘performance element’ itself.

Your tonality has so much information that it’s really worth spending the time to totally master the way you communicate. Not just the words that you use, but how you say those words.

There’s an interesting study, by Academy of Hypnotherapy, in which they looked at the meaning of communication and tried to like break it down between the actual words, the tonalities, and the body language.

Now whilst the words are still incredibly important, they discovered only about 7% of the actual meaning taken from a communication comes from the word itself.

About 38% comes from the actual tonality (the way you say it).

And as much as 55% comes from the nonverbal communication (the way that you hold yourself, your facial expression, and all those things besides).

Now think what that means for you.

It means that, if all you do is master the actual words themselves, you could become a very, very poor covert hypnotist if you don’t have the performance elements to back you up with it.

Remember that conversational hypnosis is a performance art. It’s something that you DO with people.

So therefore you have to master the way of really presenting it in a way that’s compelling.

The Importance Of Tonality

So, in the rest of this section, we’re going to examine how you can play with your tonality to create difference kinds of meanings.

For example, there are so many different ways you could say the word ‘no’. You could say ‘no’ to imply ‘yes’, to imply ‘maybe’, to imply all kinds of different things.

Even a word as powerful as the word ‘hate’ can mean different things, depending on how you say it. You could say, ‘I hate you’, and then mean exactly what it says.

But you can say, ‘I hate you’, and mean something completely different.

You could even say ‘I hate you’, and again, a different meaning is implied every single time.

The word itself has changed its meaning by the way you perform the actual delivery of it.

Now it’s very, very important that you take time to do this.

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